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  • Clare Morgan

Why Curious?

Curiousinkyme was born in 2018, on Instagram. I spent weeks labouring over what handle to use, I knew I wanted it to say something about my values and my process. Curious was a non-negotiable, it is a reminder to me each day of the value I want to try to embody and I want to explain why.

I became interested in mindfulness during treatment.

Embracing my curiosity making whisky!

I attended a mindfulness course with Maggies while recovering from cancer, I was anxious about relapse and navigating going back to work after having quite intensive treatment. One of the key things that stuck with me was a comment that one of the instructors made, that we should aim to live with a ‘childlike curiosity. This was profound for me, embracing my curiosity pulls me into the present, I feel truly alive in those moments. I wanted to never forget the importance of that so I made it part of my brand name and how I try to approach everything.

Here are some great reasons to be curious:

1. Curiosity involves being interested in what others have to say, it can help expand our awareness and build empathy, it can help us to connect with people.

2. Curiosity encourages you to ask questions, it can make us better problem solvers.

3. Curiosity makes us more comfortable with the fact that we don’t have all of the answers.

4. It encourages us to look beyond the 'every day' and consider new possibilities.

5. Curiosity can make us more inclined to take action.

But how do we nurture it?

1. Read new books,

2. watch new films,

3. attend events,

4. meditate,

5. talk to new people,

6. try new things.

Engage in things that excite you and try to keep a sense of wonder, and ask questions just like an inquisitive child.

How might you nurture your childlike curiosity this week?


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