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  • Clare Morgan

New studio

I've always been lucky enough to have my own space to create in every home I have lived in, there is something so helpful about having everything to hand in; I can pop in and create without extra setting up and tidying up. A little escape where my creations shift from ideas swirling in my mind to physical things.

Over the years I have worked out what works for me and the process so in setting up again at a new home had very clear ideas about what I wanted. I would like to share the setup with you and take you on a little tour of the studio.

This time I am in the garage! I can stand up in the whole space, and there is still a window with natural light which I have placed my printing desk in front.

The space had already had a ceiling installed and a peg board at the back, so it was more cosmetic work and sorting out storage. I had a broken strip light replaced for some extra light when working in the evening.

I painted the ceiling and back wall to give it some freshness and put my stamp on it, blue is my favourite colour right now and make me feel calm and balanced.

I added wooden shelves to store all of my artwork, resources, show set up, packaging materials and all the other bits and bobs- which there seems to be so much of!

Looking for some second-hand bargains, I picked up some drawers to store my papers and some fab white metal peg boards! I love that the inks and rollers can hang on the wall, it makes me so happy and it really does feel like a print studio. (and there's space for more rollers!)

My ‘clean’ area is a desk surrounded by all the things I need to have to hand.

The printing table is a tall long bench, as I like to stand up when printing. It’s good to have plenty of space to arrange the different materials and mix inks.

I have everything I need and it's full of 'curiousinkyme' character, I have started working on my next edition in this space and am enjoying every second!

Thanks for coming on a little tour of the new space with me. Looking forward to sharing more artwork soon, this is the first plate of many I plan to create here!

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