Artist statement

My art practice has evolved from a love of drawing figuratively - life drawing and portraiture are a staple of my art practice. I aim to celebrate the tenacity and vibrancy of the human spirit while reflecting on our vulnerability, shining a light on the illusion we have that we are in control.

Deeply interested in being present and living with curiosity I seek to create images that act as a reminder of our humanity, finding beauty and opportunity in our vulnerabilities and connecting with others through shared experience.

In my most recent work the figures appear to be falling or fragmented, often with bursts of colour. The intent is to illustrate a lack of control and the piecing back together following significant events. My figures are often combined with bright colours such as violet, greens, yellows, and light blues to symbolise reflection, energy, growth, health, healing, strength and creativity.

My work is reflecting upon a very personal story, having been diagnosed with a rare type of lymphoma a couple of years ago which ultimately led to a life-saving donor stem cell transplant. I want to honour the new beginning that has been afforded to me, the community I have become a part of as well as the altered perspective that I see as a gift.

I have a passion for printmaking, I love the process from plate to print and the element of unpredictability inherent in some of the processes, and the excitement of the first pull of the artists proof. I love how the qualities of the figure vary depending on the process used, with each technique bringing something unique to each image, such as the graphic qualities of a screen print, the depth of tone in a mezzotint or the textures in a collagraph plate. I switch between the processes depending on the concepts and ideas I wish to portray.


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