Art has always seemed to make so much sense to me, driven by a desire to create I could always be found drawing, painting or making. My passion was encouraged through school by my art teacher who gave me the confidence to peruse my passion, and I went on to complete a Fine Art degree before becoming a teacher myself.

As my teaching career progressed I began creating less and less until I was diagnosed with rare type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that led to a life-saving stem cell transplant. My perspective shifted completely, and it propelled me back to Art making. 


I work in my home attic studio, a little hideaway from the world where I can put some music on and create. The work often starts with pen drawings, these are then added to other elements either photographic or hand rendered using photoshop. Editing in this way allows me to explore lots of different interpretations and manipulate the colours until the piece feels ‘right’. Once I have the image I can create the stencils ready for the printmaking studio, the final piece of the puzzle being the handmade process of traditional art making.


Driven by exploration, I love the unpredictability of the printmaking process; the nervous excitement at the ‘reveal’ and the joy of bringing something into existence that wasn’t there before.  I create the prints at Green door studio, as an open access studio space I am often surrounded by other printmakers. Green door is on the ground floor of Banks mill studios, where I am also an associate member, Its great to be part of such a vibrant art community.


 My work is driven my experiences, a way of accepting uncertainty and change, acknowledging impermanence, imperfection and the incomplete. I am fascinated by the contrast between two seemingly opposing concepts, such as the apparent duality between strength and vulnerability, yet I see these opposing elements as integral to each other. 


My work is very much an enquiry into human experience, I don’t offer answers but my thoughts are being brought to life through figures and colour, I seek to encourage you to ask your own questions, find your own story in the art and have space to reflect… even if just for a moment.


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Banks mill Studios

71 Bridge Street


DE1 3LB