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Hi, I'm Clare Morgan. 

Based in the East Midlands, I have been printmaking using traditional processes for over 20 years.

I weave in elements of the arts and crafts movement to my lino and woodcut artwork infused with colour and a modern twist. I am deeply influenced by the ebb and flow of the seasons and the desire to be more present.

I create original, empowering portrait artwork that encourages reflection, empathy and calm.

Clare Morgan portrait.jpg
full studio view bright .jpg

This is my studio where the magic happens, working with traditional linocut and woodcut techniques, I have everything to hand to breathe life into my ideas.


I create original, empowering portrait artwork that encourages reflection, empathy and calm.


Portraiture carries a universal message, it can inspire, empower, move and encourage us. An artwork can just grab you, perhaps reminding you of a time in your life, someone special or a feeling and this can draw us towards it.   


I know that the things you choose to fill your home with express your values and personality. Artwork can be a powerful reminder of the things you see as important, it gives you a good feeling and improves your living space and can be a talking point.


I use a printing technique that involves carving a piece of lino or sometimes wood (called a block) with tools to create a relief surface; which is then coated with a layer of ink and printed onto paper, I do this by hand with a tool called a Baren which applies even pressure to transfer the ink. Some prints are built up with several plates, or from plates that are repeatedly carved into between each layer until it is eventually destroyed. This means that you know that each piece is an original, handmade piece of artwork that is always limited edition. It is important to me that you can see evidence of the process of its creation, so I leave marks behind which also creates life and energy in the piece.

I have always created, art is where I find my flow. I studied fine art and then went into teaching but as my career progressed my art started to take a back seat until I hadn't created for many years. In 2016 I was diagnosed with blood cancer which led to a life-saving stem cell transplant and some re-evaluation.


My current practice was born out of this experience, each piece started as a reminder for myself as I tried to hold onto my own lessons, but over time I learnt that it is a powerful way to encourage and connect with others. I want to share work with you that celebrates strength and vulnerability, acknowledging that everything is impermanent, imperfect and incomplete and that is beautiful. I use a rich oil-based colour that works in harmony on thin Japanese paper, the prints are fragile yet strong and the artwork is surprisingly tactile, making them a joy to unwrap.


My art style is very much influenced by my obsession with creating pen drawings, you can view some of them here.


If you would like to learn more about the art collections, see behind the scenes, get tips for framing and displaying as well as keeping up to date with upcoming events you can sign up for the newsletter to get a bit more in your email inbox each month.




I was so excited to get these pictures up after finally completing my landing. It looks like a completely different space! I love the colour amongst the black and white bloom series. I find the pictures capture real female beauty and they make me feel extremely empowered! They look fantastic up! 




Upcoming events

You can find me at events all over the East Midlands, and beyond!

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