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  • Clare Morgan

Your best Gift idea yet!

It can be scary to consider giving art as a gift, it feels so personal and subjective, but it can offer so many possibilities and if you give it a go it could be the most original, memorable and thoughtful gift you’ve ever given.

Waiting for the flowers, screen print

I sold a piece called ‘waiting for the flowers’ at open studios a couple of years ago to a couple who had been buying art for their son every year on his birthday, to help him build an art collection. I have since found out that many of my artworks have actually been gifted, and I think that’s amazing!

I had never considered art as a gift but realised that this is such an amazing way to create lasting memories and to give something truly meaningful, what could show you know someone better than being able to choose them a piece of art.

This year I made sure to share my favourite artists with family and was delighted to receive artwork for Christmas, I know that these pieces will be with me forever and they bring me joy every day. Reflecting on this I decided to make today blog about sharing tips to help with gifting art!

Tips to help when choosing art to gift:

· Consider their personal style, what do they already have? Do they have any hobbies or passions, what do they value? If there a piece of art that can connect to any of these things?

· Are they a fan of any art? Who do they follow, do they already collect? Be inquisitive, ask them or their partner, children for any info and make a note.

· Giving a smaller work can have a big impact and offers flexibility with display, even if there isn’t space on the wall, it could be a welcome addition to a bedside table or fireplace.

· Paper-based art is very easy to post, and the recipient can choose their own frame to complete the look. Check the size of the artwork. All of my art comes in standard sizes to fit off the shelf frames, so recipients can have more options for framing.

Art can let someone know that you really know them and how much they mean to you. I post artwork directly and can add wrapping and a personalised message to make it a wonderful surprise in the post. It could be your best gift idea yet!


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