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  • Clare Morgan

The Restore Series 2022

I’ve been in a state of transition for the past year now, having decided to move house and studio the process has been less than smooth.

At times it has felt like being in limbo, but in hindsight, it has made me slow down and really think about the next season in my art practice and life more broadly. I decided to use the time to reflect and replenish, to be ready for the next step… the time has been a blessing.

This is the last series that will have been created in my current space, as will every series of work I create it reflects where I am, it's my way of exploring ‘being’ and the ways we ebb and flow through life.

This series of works is inspired by a desire to embrace the seasons, to go with the flow and document the phase that connects to me most at the time, my aim is that the work will then connect to those that need it and offer some pause in the fast-paced and driven culture that we find ourselves in.

Capturing a moment of stillness and reflection, the figures all with their eyes closed are looking inward, preparing for the action and growth of spring. These moments have the power to restore our spirit and resolve as we enter a more energetic phase.

I want the work I create to remind us to value these still moments as much as the productivity we are conditioned to strive for, I am a work in progress with this and the creating of work helps me hold these concepts close.

I hope that in their new homes the work gives reason to pause, offers a moment of reflection and gives permission to be still.

I find the Chinese 5 elements theory fascinating, Wood, associated with spring (a yang element) is nourished by water, associated with winter (the most yin of the elements) showing the balance of polar opposite forces and transformation.

Life is not static, the nature in the artworks reflect the growth that is sustained by water, which is reflective and flowing.

Arches are supported through a fine balance, bringing strength and support to the image they also call to mind transition, a threshold into another phase. At the cusp of a house move, these symbols feel particularly pertinent.

Home is not a place it’s a feeling. We can build a sanctuary and fill our space with what we need.

While I love the mark making and graphic simplicity of the black and white prints, the ability to infuse colour into the work through reduction printing brings with it more symbolism and meaning, from the replenishing greens, contrasting pinks, opulent golds and calming blues the work becomes something else.

I chose to print on white Masa paper, fine yet strong, perfect for the hand printing process I use. The white brings the colours to life on the surface. The series uses a palette that can be combined easily if you want to make more of a statement.

All pieces in this new collection come with a certificate of authenticity, hand-signed with all of the details about the print, including paper, inks, date created. I create no more than 10 pieces per edition, and as the colour ones are tricky these often have less (the smaller the edition the harder it was to print!)

The pieces are designed to fit a 10x8inch mount so that you can choose any standard frame that suits your style. The artwork is posted flat, in biodegradable cellophane and acid-free card to keep the print looking amazing. I post first class, dispatched within 3 days. You can see my postage policy here.

I want you to love your artwork, so I offer a no questions returns policy. Details here.

Finally- as a huge thanks to everyone who chooses one of these pieces, I am sending a free ‘be here now’ print with each order until the 7th March.

You can see all of the prints here!


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