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  • Clare Morgan

Why shop small?

I love scrolling through Instagram and Etsy for gifts (and often colourful earrings). I realise how much I value the fact that we have access to so many handmade treasures at the end of our fingertips!

Gifts delivered straight to the door

Here are a few reasons to shop small

· You get better customer service, you’re often dealing with just one person who knows their craft and product inside out who can answer questions and is invested in you getting a great experience.

· Handmade things are quirky and unique, they can express your personality or really show someone you know them.

· You can see the process of its creation and know it has required effort, imagination and skill.

· It helps to keep traditional skills alive.

· You get to become part of a community, you know who you are buying from.

· There is a story behind each creation

· They are made to last, and the materials are of high quality.

· It can be better for the environment, there isn’t any large machinery for mass production and you can choose to buy local.

· You know that the piece will be packed with care, love and attention

· You will feel good making the purchase.

Why do you like to shop small?


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