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  • Clare Morgan

In motion series... explained

Upsurge 2019

Defying gravity, energetic, bursting with energy, creating a striking contrast of calm balance and action.

The purples, blues, yellows and pinks represent growth, spirit and healing, leaving traces in the background, flowing through or around the figure, varying levels of opacity revealing or concealing the layers underneath.

Unfolding 2019

Since the falling figure series, I became interested in movement, life flowing and moving forwards… leaving traces with nothing ever being quite the same again, as well as the celebration of physical movement and our sense of being. I hope to create work that is a reminder to live in the present.

Flux 2019

This series is inspired by aerial acrobats, I had the opportunity to observe a training session and could feel their joy, embracing the movement, trusting in their skills and experience and being truly present and calm in the space was just as inspiring as the fascinating shapes their bodies made.

There were lots of elements from the visit that grabbed my attention, the circles remind me of growth and opportunity and have been a feature in previous work, the fabric hanging from the ceiling created a flow through the space, the figures in the air graceful, slow and sometimes still, exhibiting such strength and presence.

The fragments act as a reflection of our vulnerability, though these figures are at ease with it. I am pleased to share with you the first 5 images from this new body of work and look forward to seeing where it goes next.

Soar 2019



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