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  • Clare Morgan

Why we love cards

In this digital world, there’s nothing quite like a card dropping through your letterbox that can give you that warm and fuzzy feeling. Something that you can touch, feel and display, that brings a bit of joy each time you see it, a perfect antidote to the digital age.

The centuries-old tradition of card giving was first embraced by the ancient Chinese and Egyptians, has since become a huge part of the British culture, with the UK embracing cards more than any other country in the world. It’s no surprise as even during WWII when there was concern over trying to conserve paper the government deemed that they were essential to lift the morale during this time of crisis. Having felt the warmth of receiving an impromptu card, I can understand the benefits.

I have always been fascinated by the value my grandma places on cards, her generation grew up valuing the importance of cards, the walls are something to behold on special occasions, they are a striking visual testament to the commitment of this generation to card giving.

A handwritten message is powerful, unedited and straight from the heart. There is no doubt that cards strengthen bonds and help us maintain relationships. It can be a way of expressing shared values. Cards can also become mementoes of our own past for future generations just like my grandma’s photos and letters.

3 reasons to embrace greetings cards:

· Cards help increase connection, positive experiences. Memories can be gained through touching the same tangible object.

· Helps us to feel less lonely, it can increase feelings of self-worth

· Selecting, writing and posting the right card requires time and thought, this makes the recipient feel valued.

We are so lucky to be in a time of so much choice, with so many artists and creators at our fingertips we can always find something as unique as the person we choose to send it to, cards that can lift the spirit in a way that online expression simply can't compete with. A handmade, well-crafted card can even become the gift itself.

It is important to consider the impact on the environment, I am moving to 100% plant-based wraps that are compostable to protect hand-printed cards, and reproduction cards are sent ‘naked’ in the post.

It is a very simple yet powerful act that can show someone you are thinking about them, and also makes you feel good! There’s no need to wait for a special occasion, it can be a great way to reconnect and show how much you care, you may just stumble across something you think someone will love… send it anyway.

You can see the new card collection here, and on request, I can pop a message in the card and send it straight to the lucky recipient.


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