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  • Clare Morgan

There is no place like home

'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to beautiful."

William Morris

It should be our safe haven, a place where we can make memories and be ourselves. It is a place that expresses our personality and it evolves and grows with us, a home feels authentic when it expresses the personalities of the people that live there.

We collect things that bring us joy, things that may move with us, things that show our values and make us happy. The home seems to fill as we collect things that bring us comfort, we create a feeling that we want to surround ourselves in, here are some ideas to consider trying if you haven't already!

  • Adding a pop of colour can give instant character, and change the mood of a room without needing to redecorate.

  • Creating scents in the home, the days when there’s a stew in the pot, a fresh cake, candles or even the smell of clean sheets can brighten up the day.

  • Lighting a candle, having a side lamp on rather than the ‘big light’ can create the feeling of calm relaxation, like being in a cocoon.

  • Having different textured throws on the sofa to create that feeling on cosiness.

  • Keeping things out that bring you joy, personal mementoes, treasured cards, books (and hiding or getting rid of things that don’t)

  • Create a place just for you, like a reading chair, fill it with throws and cushions.

  • Give unloved spaces some attention, staircases and hallways are perfect places to create gallery-style displays and showcase a growing art collection.

  • Rugs can add a splash of colour quickly, they add visual interest and warmth.

  • Play music, this can really impact our emotions and how we connect with our home.

  • Collect things that make you happy and display them.

  • Try something you love but might have been afraid to bring into your home, a pop of colour, a statement piece you might never have considered. It will likely become your favourite thing. (I love my red studio chair which I nearly didn't get thinking it was too bold!)

Hopefully some of these act as reminders of those little things that we can do to bring some joy into our living spaces, and make out the house a home.


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