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  • Clare Morgan

3 essential tips for choosing art for your home

Your home should be your escape, a place that you can feel secure, rested and mindful. An escape from the hustle and bustle of the everyday. What better way to show your individuality and style than fill it with things that you love. Art is a fantastic way to transform your home, curate your space to reinforce your values, calm the mind and bring joy.

Here are 3 quick tips that help you to ensure that you are making the most of your art in the home.

1. Scale

It is often overlooked and can often be one of the biggest mistakes as artwork can appear lost on a wall, particularly if it is a larger area. As a rule of thumb aim to have the art piece take up two-thirds of the size of the furniture below it, such as a sofa or dining table.

2. Orientation

Consider the orientation of the space, is it portrait or landscape? A chimney breast is often a portrait, although it can be easy to put up a landscape, it doesn’t work well. Portrait or landscape may feel restrictive and the themes may not always suit your style so consider going for a collection of pieces to build up the overall scale and orientation for your space.

3. choose what you love

This is my last tip, but is by far the most important. Your opinion matters! choose what you love, go out and discover new artists, what pieces make you feel positive and reflects your personality. What can you imagine filling your home with? If you bear this in mind there is always a creative way of displaying art, small works can be really versatile and can be displayed in unexpected places, or as a smaller piece of a larger collection.

Choosing art is a joyful experience, seeking out pieces that connect, that can be shared with others. The story behind the creation of them, where they were purchased, the artist and their values will all be part of the story behind each unique piece of work in your home.

If you want more tips on how to display your art, there's a fab freebie when you subscribe to learn more about the behind the scenes world of curiousinkyme.


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