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  • Clare Morgan

The making of... Reflect

This week I would love to share the making of reflect! This one of my favourite prints, but having used a jigsaw technique, reduction and multi plates it ended up being very complex and only 3 pieces made the edition!

For this series, I have been creating the key plate (the one with all of the detail) first, which can be seen inked up on the template above. Working this way has meant that I can offer an edition in monochrome only, like the print below.

This is the first proof and I was pretty pleased with it! but I did want to get some colour down.

I printed the image onto a brand new piece of lino, this one is called easy carve as it cuts up much better than the battleship grey I used for the key plate.

I cut the background away from the figure so I could print this on its own without the mint green impacting the pinks I wanted for the flowers. I knew I wanted the colours to be soft but keep some contrast.

This is the first couple of layers of the figure, to provide the pinks for the flowers and an undertone for the figure. next up I printed the back ground followed by the detailed key plate.

It was one of the most tricky plates I have attempted to line up and I lost quite a few in the process, unfortunately.

Here's the final print! I love the composition and colour and it is one of my favourites... its usually the most challenging ones that become my favourites!


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