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  • Clare Morgan

The making of Adorn

Throughout the spring I became drawn to themes of nature and embraced this in my portrait work. It seems like a great way to show growth and acknowledge our enduring connection to the natural world around us. Experiencing nature is thought to provide a whole host of benefits to our health and wellbeing, which I am sure many people can attest to over the last couple of years.

I would love to take you behind the scenes images of 'Adorn' being created, so feel free to scroll to see the work in progress.

The carving begins! Having sketched out the plate I use my tools to draw the 'key plate' this is the one that contains all of the details. When working this way its a bit like drawing with light, as I need to carve the highlights and leave the shadows alone.

I inked up the first proof, but felt that I needed to be a bit braver with the carving on the face and remove more lino.

I left the initial proof for a day before continuing to carve in more highlights, and then reprinted the image.

I was much happier with the highlights now, and know that it will allow for more colour to be revealed in the face when the colour layers go down.

I carved a second piece of lino, a bit at a time to gradually add colour before finishing it off with the key plate. you can see the process below.

I am so pleased with the final prints and glad that I carved more away as it leads to a brighter and more colourful print. The image reminds me a little of a 'green woman' and I love that she is at one with the natural forms that envelop her.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some work in progress, and you can view the finished print here.


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