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  • Clare Morgan

The making of.... Muse

I created this when I took over the Nottingham Etsy teams Instagram page for a day! I had so much fun sharing some behind the scenes into the process and am slowly getting better at being comfortable with having my face on camera.

This piece is part of the bloom series I've been working on, it feels appropriate to be thinking about growth and renewal as we come into spring.

The plate is carved and ready to go! I use a watered-down magenta acrylic to make sure I can see more clearly where I cut. I love using a small V-shaped tool to work in linear marks as it reminds me of pen drawing- although having to draw in highlights rather than shadows of course!

The plate is inked up... I love that first roll! Its the only time you get to see the crisp black lines. after this, the plate gets quite full of ink and the image disappears. I'm using an Awagami factory paper called okawara select, I love the deckled edge, hue and smooth printing surface. I also love that it is made with plant-based fibres, so they are fine but stong (I'm a sucker for contrasts)

I hang my prints to dry from the ceiling, in such a small work space every little bit counts!

I use something called a reduction method to add colour, this involves carving away a bit more of the plate each time before a new layer of colour is added. I print onto the surface fo the plate so I can see where I need to carve.

It's fascinating to see each layer go down and the final layer really is the time it all comes together, until then you just have to trust that it's going to work! printmaking is really about the risk and having to be very patient. it's worth it for the buzz of that last pull!

I love the expressive, painterly marks of colour in the layers underneath I contrast to the graphic lines. I love seeing the marks of its creating and an acceptance of the process. I adore the beauty of imperfection and that the 'chatter' (marks left by the carved lino) give it life!

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