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  • Clare Morgan

Super Seconds Festival: Shop Smart, Shop Sustainably

revealing a woodcut print of a floral black on white.
revealing a woodcut print of a floral

Welcome to the Super Seconds Festival, a bi-annual online event that brings together over 250 independent makers from across the UK and beyond. It's the ultimate way to get your hands on seconds, misprints, and older stock, all available at amazing prices. Whether you're looking for prints, jewellery, homeware, ceramics, accessories, or kids' stuff, you'll find it here.

hand stamping hand printed linocut cards. linocut process
Finishing a hand printed card

Let's dive into why you should mark your calendar for October 7th from 10 am and join us for this fantastic event:

1. Buy What You Love: If you've been eyeing a particular maker's work but it's been just out of reach budget-wise, Super Seconds is your chance. You can snag a piece of their art at a discounted price. Imperfections? No problem – they add character and make each piece unique.

2. Discover New Creators: The Super Seconds Festival is like a virtual treasure hunt. Scrolling through the Maker Lineup is a journey of discovery. Plus, following the hashtag #supersecondsfestival and tuning into live sessions makes it even more exciting. Prepare to be amazed by new creatives you've never encountered before.

artist Clare Morgan at a stall selling hand carved linocuts
Me at Mapperly makers market earlier this year.

3. Sustainable Shopping: By purchasing these one-of-a-kind items that might not have otherwise seen the light of day, you're actively reducing waste. It's a small step toward a more sustainable planet and every bit counts.

4. Support Small Businesses: When you shop during the Super Seconds Festival, you're supporting independent makers and small businesses. It's a way to ensure that their craft and creativity continue to flourish.

5. Quality and Craftsmanship: Don't let the term "seconds" fool you. Many of these artisans have exacting standards, which is why their work may end up in this category. What you're getting is still a work of art, crafted with care and built to last.

Carving a piece of lino with the quote love who you are.
Carving a quote print

6. Artistic Expression: Express your unique style and appreciation for art by purchasing from small business makers. Plus, the significant discounts mean you can spread the love even further.

7. Personalised Service: Small businesses excel at customer service. When you buy from them, you know your item was packaged with care and passion, adding that personal touch to your shopping experience.

8. Community Spirit: Super Seconds Festival is more than just a shopping event; it's a thriving community. When you shop here, you become a part of something bigger, something exciting.

9. Unique and Handcrafted: These are not mass-produced items you can find anywhere. Each piece has a story, and you get to learn about the maker behind it, making your purchase all the more special.

10. Truly Unique Shopping: It's an online event, but it buzzes with energy, just like an in-person market. From shares and stories to the Maker Catalogue, the whole experience is immersive and enjoyable, and it feels personal.

Hand printed affirmation deck by artist clare Morgan
Hand printed affirmation deck

11. Support Dreams: Every purchase from a small business owner contributes to someone's dream. Knowing you're helping them pursue what they love or are called to do is a feel-good factor that's hard to beat.

Heres some of the makers I have my eye on!

So, there you have it – 11 reasons to shop Super Seconds. It's not just about the great deals; it's about discovering new talent, supporting sustainability, and becoming part of a vibrant community. Mark your calendar, make your wish list, and get ready to shop smart, shop sustainably at the Super Seconds Festival on October 7th at 10 am. Happy shopping! 🛍️ #SuperSecondsFestival



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