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  • Clare Morgan

Introducing 'Number Nine' a new Art gallery in Hornsea, Yorkshire.

interior of a gallery space with sofas and artwork

Being an artist is a remarkable journey, not just for the creative process, but for the incredible people you encounter along the way. I'm excited to introduce you to a new art gallery space nestled in the heart of Hornsea, Yorkshire. It's a place brimming with authenticity and warmth, much like the fantastic individuals who run it, Sher and Haley.

My journey with this gallery, known as "Number Nine," began with an invitation from Haley to exhibit, and I was keen to know more. Through our initial online call, I could sense their passion for art and a palpable positive energy that drew me in. It was clear that I had to become a part of this exciting new venture.

The moment we met in person, their dedication to their vision and their integral role in the community became evident. Walking through the gallery as it was taking shape, surrounded by boxes, construction materials, and a store room full of artworks ready to grace the walls, I listened full of curiosity as Sher and Haley shared their vision. Every element of this space, from vintage touches to repurposed objects, carries a unique story. It was an absolute privilege to be a part of something so vibrant and full of life.

Now, after a successful opening night and an entire month of art and creativity, I couldn't resist delving deeper into the story behind Number Nine and the incredible individuals who breathe life into it. So, I reached out to Sher to learn more

botany boutique and the hornsea collective

You already have a presence in Hornsea through the Botany boutique and the marketplaces, it is great to see this develop. Can you share how it all started?

In 2022, myself and Haley (along with another small business owner – Charlotte Eldred an illustrator and local artist) set up the Hornsea Collective, which is a business community providing support for small independent businesses (e.g training, signposting for funding, a supportive ear and so on). We now have 80+ members and our community is continuing to grow – we organise three artisan marketplace events each year to provide an opportunity for independent makers, artists and creators to showcase their work. As a ‘not for profit’ organisation we use any funds raised to continue to highlight the talented business owners in Hornsea and its surrounding areas through the introduction of Hornsea maps, advertising campaigns and so on.

Then in November 2022, myself and Haley wanted to continue to develop the idea of an Artisan Marketplace so set up a small marketplace within my shop, Botany Boutique. We initially started with 15 local artists, makers and creators within the shop and now represent 25+ small independent businesses. This aspect of the business has continued to grow, with increased footfall and online sales which has been amazing! We then started looking for other premises to continue to develop an Artisan Marketplace further... The success of the project led to the decision to expand further to create a bespoke Artisan Marketplace at the recently opened Number Nine Marketplace. Our vision for this space was to create a warm, welcoming, relaxing environment where visitors can take a moment to appreciate the wide variety of artist talent on display. The gallery space features original artwork by established painters and creatives from across Yorkshire and beyond, as well as featuring ‘up and coming’ artists on a rolling programme of exhibitions as well as running community workshops.

interior of art gallery number nine hornsea yorkshire

This is a project that feels driven by a deep passion, I am curious about what drives you both.

We wanted to create a venue in Hornsea where art can be accessible for all, within a warm, welcoming environment. We already offer prints and cards at the Marketplace at Botany Boutique and now offer bespoke original artwork/creations at Number Nine. This ensures that everyone can purchase work from their favourite artist or maker at different price points between the two locations, which is a core value of our business ethos. We aim to provide the opportunity for people to see our artists in ‘real life’ and hopefully inspire people to develop their own talents further. We are passionate about the amazing talents of the small independent business owners we work with and it is an absolute pleasure to work with such a supportive community.

Number nine gallery window Hornsea

It's clear that you love art, and supporting artists and makers. How do you choose the artists you work with?

We are passionate about supporting small independents and are extremely proud to showcase the work of local artists, makers and creators, as well as bring some of our own favourite independents to Hornsea, East Yorkshire including yourself, Tipperleyhill, Breige King, Vinegar & Brown Paper for example – small businesses whose work we adore – it feels a bit like sharing a secret! We have an online application form where anyone can apply to join us although there is currently a bit of a waiting list.

Through the Hornsea Collective, any money we raise via our Marketplace events is used to promote the small independent businesses that make up our community, working with larger organisations (e.g. East Riding Business Support) to put on free training events, signpost available funding, business advice and guidance available as well as holding regular ‘catch ups’ where we can share what is going well and lend a shoulder to those in need as running your own business can be a lonely experience at times so it is good to know you are not alone.

Artis in residence number nine hornsea
Artist in residence Judy Flanagan, at number Nine Art Gallery, Hornsea

It’s great to hear how you have been able to build a loyal community as a small business, tell me a little bit about your customers.

Our customers are both local and national, they are massive supporters of our work and that of our artisan community which is fabulous and we are very lucky. They actively support us online as well as in person, which for a small business is invaluable. We get to share key moments with them – choosing gifts to celebrate important moments in time, which is a privilege and amazing that they chose us to visit for these special occasions. Many of our customers have already become firm friends which is another massive positive arising from our ‘little idea’. Our artisan community also are pretty fabulous, always supporting our work, promoting events and supporting each other in such a wonderful little community we have created.

Hearing about your journey so far, I know you have some exciting plans for the future, can you share these with us?

We hope to be able to organise regular workshops with our artisan community, as well as the ‘Artist in Residence’ events which have recently been introduced and have been really popular. It would be wonderful to be able to provide funded workshops in the future which is something we are currently working on ... who knows what the future holds?

Thank you so much for sharing more about this fantastic space, I am sure there are exciting things ahead, and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds!

Clare Morgan introduction



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