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  • Clare Morgan

Introducing the new homeware range

The world can feel like it’s so often in a hurry, have you ever felt like your swept up in ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’. I know that your home can be a way to reconnect with who you are, it can be a welcome retreat, a space to sit back and slow down. I strongly believe that the things we choose to surround ourselves with can impact our well-being.

Your home shows your individuality, surrounding yourself with things that express your values, and have the power to lift your spirits. You have the ability to create a welcoming authentic space that you are proud of, the items we choose to bring into our home are much more than decoration. I love to fill my home with art, but I also love the power that bold accent pieces can have in transforming a space.

This is why I want to bring you this new collection of homeware and accessories, these pieces include statement throw cushions, laptop cases and ceramic mugs. Each piece has been designed using specially selected original artworks from my collection so you can surround yourself with beautiful things, bringing happiness, relaxation and peace.

Each piece is made to order just for you, and I am so excited to be able to share artwork with you in a new way that adds colour, individuality, functionality and a happy home boost to your world.

Tip: consider having an area of your home that specifically brings joy, choose images and photos to display and add objects and furnishings that inspire you, are nurturing and reflective. Dedicate it as a space to read, enjoy a hobby or listen to music, to revitalise you at the end of a day.



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