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  • Clare Morgan

How to hang a Gallery wall (at home)

There’s an amazing way to show some love to every space in your home, to add personality without redecorating, its versatile, adaptable and packs a visual punch… I’m talking about the gallery wall!

Grid style gallery wall

I’ve been growing my gallery walls at home, as things get added to the collection it moves further up the staircase, enveloping every available space. Art flows around cupboards, over doorways and even in unexpected places. It has taken on a life of its own, and I LOVE IT! and there is still more space to add to the collection. All you really need is art, hooks and a hammer!

Some gallery wall tips:

· Consider the overall feel, a grid with a 2-inch uniform space between each frame can look contemporary. Alternatively, there is the ‘salon style’ where the display is more relaxed.

· Place things on the floor to plan the layout, use the largest piece as a starting point and work outwards, try and group smaller pieces together and move them around until you are happy with the look of the pieces.

· You could also draw around your frames and cut them out of newspaper, arrange the newspaper pieces onto the wall with tape and move around until they feel balanced.

grid style arrangement

Salon style arrangement

· Use mounts with the work to elevate each piece in the collection, it also protects paper-based works.

· Avoid hanging works over warm or moist areas as it can damage them, such as above a tumble dryer.

· Don’t be afraid to mix up the frames- particularly in a salon-style arrangement.

· A good gallery wall should look and feel ‘collected’ there is a joy in collecting things and adding more to your wall as you acquire new things- a salon-style suits this best.

· Keep it fun, aim to mix up your art with photos, mementoes, photos and drawings to make it much more personal. It should express your personality.

Above all- it's about filling your home with things that bring you joy, letting your home express your personality and adding memories with each meaningful addition to your collection. I adore my ever-growing salon-style gallery walls and if you haven’t already- give it a chance, it is easier than you think.


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