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  • Clare Morgan

Game-changing podcasts for artists you just can't live without

In recent years I have really jumped on the podcast bandwagon, I adore being able to get new information while getting on with other things at the same time! Having a regular voice in my ears makes me feel part of a bigger art community and keeps me company in the studio.

So scrolling through my podcast list I thought I would share some of my ‘go to’ podcasts that have had a big impact on the way I think about my art practice.

I absolutely adore this one! Andy J Pizza has an amazing ability to inspire and enthuse, he gets to the bottom of what art-making is all about and speaks from the soul. He is authentic and uses an analogy to paint a picture of the concepts in a way that remains with you long after the podcast has finished.

His lessons have influenced the way I view my creative practice, but there are also some gems in there for the way to approach life. I can’t help but feel ‘pepped’ after tuning in to the creative pep talk.

An honest delve into the world of being a working artist, lots of conversations about motivation and mindset and forging your own path. I love the fun relaxed approach, the understanding of what drives artists to create and how to navigate the art world while keeping your integrity. This podcast is a bit like a warm hug, providing positivity and reassurance and reminding us that we aren’t alone.

A very practical podcast about making a career as an artist, Laura Boswell is a printmaker and Peter Keegan as a portrait painter offer unique insights into how they make a living from their work, challenges they face as well as answering listener questions. It’s a conversational yet very informative podcast that is an honest look into the practicalities, such as photographing work, pricing, time management and even how to deal with ‘creative block’.

Hello print friend (previously pine, copper, lime)

This one is for the printmakers! Or anyone interested in print. Wonderful weekly conversations with printmakers from across the globe provide inspiration and insight into the concepts and processes behind the work. This is fascinating to listen to while working in the studio.

A calming insightful podcast by Sara Tasker that balances wellbeing with being present in the creative world. It is really focused on authenticity and there are some wonderful conversations with a variety of creative people. A perfect podcast to listen to with your cuppa on a Sunday morning, a relaxing but motivating collection of topics and conversations, such as following your curiosity.


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