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  • Clare Morgan

Full time artist... part time job?

Todays #marchmeetthemaker theme is Full or part time. As I was organising my content for this using @joannehawker planner towards the end of February and I noticed that this box remained empty of content ideas until the very end.

I wondered what my block was, I often procrastinate when I find something challenging and this was one I even considered missing out… but why?

I realised that it’s because it feels to simplistic and like there is a clear distinction between full and part time artists… I’m not sure there is. I am looking forward to reading other artists interpretations of this prompt in my Instagram feed and what it is to be ‘full time’ or ‘part time’ it is certainly food for thought.

So I’m taking the opportunity to elaborate on some of my thoughts here… because an Instagram caption doesn’t feel quite long enough.

I can’t really switch off the ‘artist part’, creative ideas, thoughts and inspiration can strike at any time so I must conclude that I am a full time artist, it’s in my DNA, always has been and when I create it feels like that is what I am supposed to be doing. Art is the most natural thing for me to be doing and is ME.

While I dream to be able to make a sustainable living from art alone, I’m not there in my journey yet. I feel most creative when I am secure and safe, and for that I need to know that the bills are going to be sorted so my mind can focus on the making- my job actually frees me up to create.

I am lucky to have a job that I find fulfilling, I work as an art teacher for 4 days a week... I have taught for over 10 years and held leadership posts in that time; gaining so many skills along the way. My role has made me more organised, a better communicator, adaptable, more confident and resilient, skills that I see real value in that have contributed to my art practice; that I recognise I want quite so effective in before teaching.

I find that I make the most of every window of opportunity that I can, I am most productive in the school holidays as it frees up my mind to focus on the work and this is often when a series that I have been thinking about comes to life. I do aim however to draw every day, picking up the pens first thing in the morning and usually completing the piece in the evening even if I dont feel like it… I know that I just need to show up every day and things will happen, it is often this routine that leads to developments in my artwork.

“inspiration exists; but it has to find you working” Picasso


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