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  • Clare Morgan

Its the best lesson to teach!

I've been a teacher for over 12 years, in college and secondary school as well as delivering workshops in the community and art spaces. I love being able to nurture creativity in others and see confidence people build through creating something new. I want to share my absolute favourite thing to teach!

It might not be surprising to learn that it is a printmaking technique, print is all about embracing the uncertain, going with the flow and finding beauty in the unpredictability of the process and unexpected marks. Mono printing is fast, doesn’t require many resources, is easy to do but still has that sense of wonder as you lift the paper to reveal something that is more often than not surprising! Especially for the beginner, and I love that sense of wonder and excitement.

The expressive marks show evidence of the process, finding beauty in the marks allows us to embrace the unexpected. I love the gasp of the secondary school students as I allow them to roll the ink out directly onto the tables and the energetic buzz of an industrious and exciting classroom. I also love the pride I see in community workshops when adults are so pleased with their creation that they want to frame it and give it pride of place in their home.

I have created so many memories through having the privilege to teach others, I want everyone to know that it is ok to explore, to play and that the unexpected can be beautiful.

Creativity to me is about making a mark, and mono-printing is mark-making in its most honest, beautiful and simple form.



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