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My first woodcut print! Hand-carved and printed on exquisite olive green Khadi Lokta paper. Each sheet of this unique paper is meticulously crafted, showcasing the beauty of handmade artistry and the distinctive texture of Lokta fibres. 


This print represents a harmonious blend of art and mindfulness, evoking a sense of tranquillity and inspiration. Printed using top-quality water-based ink, this piece effortlessly brings the essence of nature into your home, serving as a gentle reminder of its beauty.


Each Iris Woodcut Print comes with an insert that unveils the profound symbolism behind these magnificent flowers, adding an extra layer of meaning to this art piece. It also makes for a wonderful gift, allowing your loved ones to embrace the beauty and symbolism of irises.


‘Irises hold deep symbolism, representing wisdom, faith, and hope. Like the petals unfurling, they remind us of the layers within ourselves. Embracing the spirit of irises, we recognise our limitless potential to thrive. 

Embrace your wisdom, trust your journey, and nurture unwavering hope. 

Let the irises be a reminder of your resilience and belief in your ability to achieve greatness. Bloom and flourish.’ (insert)



-15x21cm in paper size

-10.5x14cm in print size

- handmade khadi Lokta paper olive green


this captivating piece is thoughtfully packaged flat, securely backed on card, and carefully placed in an A4 envelope. This ensures a safe and convenient delivery experience, making it easier for the print to reach you.

Irises green woodcut

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