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Lotus flower Woodcut Print, meticulously hand-carved and printed on a beautifully smooth 300gsm Fabriano, capturing the beautiful grain of the wood that that artwork was carved into.


Printed with high-quality oil-based ink, this open-edition piece brings some decadence and nature right into your home.


Each print is accompanied by an insert that delves into its meaning, making it a wonderful gift.


The lotus emerges from murky waters and blossoms. It represents purity, enlightenment, and spiritual growth. As the lotus rises above the mud, we can transcend our struggles and find inner peace and wisdom. Let the Lotus inspire you to embrace the journey, knowing that each obstacle you encounter is an opportunity for growth and enlightenment. Keep blooming, just like the majestic lotus.




-15x21cm in paper size

-10.5x14cm in print size

-3300gsm fabriano black paper


This print is thoughtfully packaged flat, backed on a sturdy card, and wrapped in cellophane to protect it. Your art is then carefully placed in an A4 envelope. This ensures safe delivery and will fit through most letter boxes.




Gold Lotus on black

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